Brings couples back to love


To Have and To Hold… Five simple words.

Or so we think when we pronounce them in front of family, friends, God and each other. Then life happens and it’s not so simple any more. Too often we allow the ‘stuff’ to grow the gap that begins to form until one day we wake up believing there’s no hope, nothing left to have, nothing left to hold.

But there is ALWAYS hope, and the person you vowed to have and to hold as well as the person you vowed to be are still there. They’re just buried under wounds, scars, hurts, fears…layers that can be carefully peeled away.

Whether you’re filled with hope and excited about saying your vows, navigating the day to day and wanting to make sure the layers don’t build up between you or feeling hopeless I want to be part of your journey.

What can I do for you?
Nothing. But together we can do great things to move you toward healthy and fulfilling relationships, confidence, freedom, empowerment.